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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
New Zealand


Name: Tarri
Eyes: Blue/Grey
Hair: Gold blonde
Location: That place in Oceania
Astrological Sign: Libra-Scorpio Cusp


All prices are in US Dollars.
Commission information as at 01st December 2017:

Character Sketch: $10
Character (Clean Lined): $15
Character (Coloured with shading): $30
Character (Coloured with additional shading): $40

Additional characters: $15 each.

Additional backgrounds:
Simple Background: $10
Medium-level Background (not too simple, not too fancy): $20
Detailed Background: $30

I do not accept points.
Payment always comes first.
Also keep in mind I have other obligations which come first, but don't worry, I will get your commissions done! :D
If you have any questions, just fire a note my way!

Commission Status

New commissions are currently closed until June.

Current Commissions:

Commission 1: :icontaliyus:
Status: Phase 1.5 - Final sketching. - Paused.

Commission 2: :iconcalextheneko:
Status: Phase 4 - Lighting and Shading.

Commission Wait List:
1. :iconjuliusrabbito:

Art Trade Status (Closed)

Slot 1: :iconedtropolis:
Status: Complete.

Slot 2: :iconnight-owl8:
Status: Discussion

Requests: CLOSED

Refer to the above information. Please do not ask for requests when requests are closed.
I may only consider requests from close friends.
Anyone else asking for requests will be ignored.
Please refer to the information above, or requests will be considered an attempt to twist my arm.

Want to see me draw? Here is the most recent one I trapped in video form!

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First before I get into the update, I need to address these two issues.

First of all, on the topic of nude art.
I have had comments on some of my art accusing me of creating child pornography, when no pornography whatsoever is present.
Nudity is not pornography in any sense, unless there are sexual themes involved.
Also, a mermaid swimming in the ocean is not instant pornography, either.

You will NOT find pornographic content in my gallery, at any age.
If you find nudity in my gallery, or even art where a character isn't wearing a top, then you better damn well know what you are talking about before you comment, otherwise you are just going to look like a total idiot, and I will treat you as a troll and block you accordingly.
I don't need any of this steaming pile of excrement in my life.

Second, do not make inappropriate comments on my work. I have already had to confront someone about this after they made a both inappropriate and completely unnecessary comment on one of my latest comic strips.
Tarri's Day is not a playground for genital-grabbing and sexual shenanigans - it is supposed to be a G-rated comic that everyone can enjoy, and flooding an otherwise innocent piece with gross sentiment (especially since the characters ARE based on real-life people, INCLUDING myself) leaves me feeling sick to my stomach and quite frankly violated.
If you want to make comments like those, go elsewhere.

Update for May - Patreon, Commissions, General Art

This month has been a bit of weird one, but then again, ain't life kinda weird, anyway?
Anyhoo... I've resolved to make the attempt to get things flowing in a far better manner. I drew up a little plan as well!
Anyway, I'm just going to divide these up into little subcategories just to make things easier. :meow:


In regards to Patreon Rewards, I have resolved to pick up the slack where things just fell away from me. The sketch rewards I managed to get running smoothly enough, however other rewards never quite made it out.
This month, I had thoughts to alter the $3 tier, since I hadn't been able to get the additional bonus comic out. After consideration, I have decided it would be more time-efficient to keep the bonus comics in place, and release them once a month as a bit of a series.
What I have managed to do was get a wallpaper out as well for those lucky 4 patrons... I hope you like non-edible fish. xD

I have also finally been making some headway with my fairy comic concept. By far, it won't see it's first page completed anytime soon, however I have worked out it's approach and I have been jostling the actual story as of late - it just needs to be properly typed up in a summary.

I have also been working on Dreamspace/Splash again - though if I am to create this fairy comic, Dreamspace may have to fall back a bit, as comic pages can take up some serious time.


Effective as of before I started this journal, I am closing off all new commissions until June.
With the above on my plate, as well as having another commission in addition to the three currently listed hanging over my head with a deadline due in a couple of weeks and pressure mounting to get it done, I have decided that for the month of May, I will accept no new commissions.
I will continue to work on the commission list, and I hope to have those all taken care of by the end of May.

If you have been considering commissioning me, you will have to wait - if I don't close commissions temporarily then you would have to wait, regardless.
I just need to get the list cleared, as well as the irl deadline commission out of the way, to save my sanity.
If I have sanity. ^^;

General Art

In addition, I need to make sure I do extra art for myself.
I find working on commissions, rewards, and projects do become somewhat of a chore if I do not balance it out with art I myself want to do for the pure fun of it... ^^;
Doing art for yourself, I find, revitalises the motivation and enjoyment of working on the comics, commissions, and whatnot I do for you guys. :meow:
Gotta do what you love while loving it - you can't let it become a chore, or it will drain you and you will just not want to art at all. ^^;
  • Listening to: Dance through the Danger
  • Watching: Sherlock
  • Playing: Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
  • Eating: Yummy toasted sandwich :3
  • Drinking: Nope. :3


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